Drones for Construction Services

Construction Services


Theia Drone Services provides high tech and relatively low cost aerial drone solutions for structural inspections, assessments and monitoring to Architects, Building Surveyors, Structural and Site Engineers to enable them to conduct visible inspections and assessments, thus allowing them to observe inaccessible parts of structures where no other means of visible observation is feasible or is either, too costly, too dangerous or too time consuming.

Our drones can operate up to 500m from the Drone Pilot and up to an altitude of 400ft. A live HD video downlink means that dangerous inspections and assessments can be dealt with easily without compromising safety and minimising the risk that other methods of observation cannot achieve.


All our drones are gyroscopically stabilised this ultra-smooth operation enables us to view any structure from various angles including the underside if required. Our drones are fitted with a suite of highly technical cameras that allow us to take close range high-resolution photographic images or 4k UHD video footage giving you outstanding crystal clear images and videos.


The photographic images or video footage can quickly be transferred to you almost instantaneously either on site by micro SD card, allowing you to quickly make any decisions for further investigation, or we can provide you with the edited images or footage to use later on for a more detailed analysis and assessment.

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