Drones for Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Theia Drone Services provides drone services to Emergency, Forensic and Humanitarian organisations. By using close precision aerial surveillance and search techniques into or onto locations where other methods of observation may not be able to access, are unsafe or where an area of ground requires you to remain untouched for evidence purposes.

In an emergency situation, the collection of information is critical to a successful outcome. Our drone technology and software applications can very quickly help gather high-resolution photographic images or UHD video footage and topographical data. We can also provide a live HD video downlink allowing dangerous situations to be observed, analysed, assessed and dealt with in a timely and safe manner.

All the photographic images or videos can quickly be transferred to you almost instantaneously by micro SD card or via cloud-based dropbox.

Our drones are fitted with the most up to date cameras and software which enables them to operate up to 500m from the Drone Pilot and in almost all weather conditions by day and some limited use by night, up to an altitude of 400ft and as close has 50m and closer with permissions.

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