Drones for Land Surveying Services

Land Surveying Services

Theia Drone Services provides low impact, non-invasive drone services to Land Surveyors and Archaeologist to enable them to view entire areas or specific locations from an aerial view, this gives a unique visual perspective not seen from the ground. Our drones can cover large areas in a short space of time, generating high-resolution photographic images or UHD video footage as required.

We can provide images or video footage of every stage of a construction or archaeological site showing progress as it develops. We are happy to work alongside you in the development of your project’s visual document from the planning stage right through to completion. Our survey capability solutions, give you more control added flexibility and is cost-effective compared to other aerial surveying systems.

We can also provide you with 3D geo-reference orthographic mosaic and digital environment modelling images and other specialist software applications or hand over the images and videos on a convenient to use micro SD card or download to cloud base drop box.

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