Our Equipment

We have a number of drone systems with different camera solutions depending on your requirements and needs. During our initial conversation and pre operational planning we will provide you with the best technical solution, advice and options to suit your projects aims.

Our Drone teams are fully equipped and are totally self-contained, resourced for the task including the ability to drive off road.

DJI Matrice

This drone is the latest in cutting edge technology capable of operating longer than other drones and contains the most up to date technology and camera equipment for commercial operations. It is very stable in high winds and can operate in the almost all weather conditions including rain. It can be fitted with up to 3 separate cameras to suit whatever task is required providing UHD video at 4k or high resolution 60fps still photography. It also has the ability to fit a telephoto zoom camera for closer images best suited for structural inspections and surveys.

DJI Inspire

This drone has the ability to provide UHD video at 4k and high resolution still photography at 60fps. This drone is less affected by high winds and is used for higher altitude operations.

DJI Phantom

This drone is capable of shooting UHD video at 4k and high resolution still photography at 60fps.