Drones for Property Services

Property Services


Theia Drone Services provides low impact, non-invasive drone services to residential or commercial Estate Agents and Sales Negotiators to enable them to view the entire area or specific locations from an aerial view, this gives visual perspectives which are not able to be seen from the ground. Our drones can cover large areas in a short space of time, generating high-resolution photographic images or UHD video footage as required.


As an agent looking for that unique selling point, aerial images or a fly through video is a good way to greatly enhance and increase a properties saleability. It gives you an extremely powerful marketing tool that will set you apart from the crowd, making your portfolio stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Our 360° aerial panoramas show the extent of the property and its surroundings, therefore maximising its visual impact. Even houses and apartments that may look ordinary from the ground can have an aesthetic advantage with our aerial photographic images.

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